Here’s How to Score the Best Luxury Car Rental Deal in LA

Not all luxury car rental companies are made equal. Some live up to their promises, while others go back against their words. If you don’t want your LA trip to be ruined just because you rented the wrong luxury car, finding the best deals is a must. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Compare Rates Off and On the Airport 

Savvy travelers know already know all too well that airport car rental rates are often significantly higher compared to off-airport car rental rates. It is because they usually add taxes and airport surcharges. So make it a point to always compare off-airport and on-airport rates to help you save more money.

Be Cunning

If the car rental search engine states the cars are all gone, don’t hesitate to get crafty. You can use Google Maps to look for car rental locations near your vacation home rental or hotel. In most major tourist spots like Los Angeles, many car rental companies are often located a short distance away from hotels.

Unleash Your Creativity 

If ever there are no luxury car rentals available, why not get creative? You can consider renting cars from the smaller and less known but reliable and trusted companies such as LA Car Collection

Confirm Vehicle Condition and Variety 

The last thing you want is to be stuck with another person’s idea of a good rental vehicle. Be sure to look for a wide range of good condition and quality vehicles. 

A luxury car rental company that has a good selection of cars can help you get the specific type of vehicle you want, and not just the limited types of vehicles they carry. 

In connection to this, if the rental vehicles of the company are all in good working order, it saves you from the worries of being charged for damage that the vehicle already had when it was delivered to you. 


Every good car rental company offers insurance policies. These policies are meant to cover you in the event that an accident occurs. Opting to have insurance on your rental car means you will get the protection you need whatever trouble may arise. This insurance must also cover any damage that might happen to the car.

Always Check Availability and Rate

Always check the rates even after you are done reserving a vehicle. Car rental prices in the past often go down when nearing the pickup date. Once a cheaper deal is available, book it right away then cancel the first one. 

Price Out Weekly Rates

Experts also recommend pricing out cars for a week, even when you just need it for the weekend. This is because weekly rentals are often cheaper. Just don’t forget to bring it back early to avoid penalty.

Report Your Rental Car

If you notice anything wrong with the vehicle, you can either get a new one or ensure an employee documents all your record. Ask for their name and take a video of the damage or dings with your phone.

To get the best luxury car rental deals, LA Car Collection is here to make your Los Angeles trip unforgettable!


By Rafael Guthrie
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