Buying used auto parts can save you thousands every year

We may state the obvious, but buying used auto parts CAN save you thousands of dollars a year, but knowing that and actually doing it are two different things, and This is what this article is about to convince you to try the do-it-yourself auto repair movement. Your budget will thank you.

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But before you can, we should explain how easy this do-it-yourself auto repair process is and how it will save you thousands of dollars a year. So let’s do it now.

Overcome hesitation in self-repairing cars

In truth, most car owners in America, dare we say it, around the world, know very little about car or truck repairs. The internal combustion engine is a mystery to most and honestly thirty years ago it was a lot harder to fix a car with little to no knowledge.

However, today we have YouTube and the internet and it is much, much easier to find tutorials in articles or videos that will walk you through the process of replacing a fuel pump or brake pads step by step. If you have the basic equipment, you can carry out 75% of the repairs that a vehicle will need during its useful life. Now think about the last time you took your car to an auto repair shop for service. What did it cost you A few hundred dollars? And how often do you need to take your in for repairs or service? Two or three times a year? Do the math!

Welcome to the World of Junkyards

The biggest cost of repairing a car is labor. Most auto mechanics make about seventy-five dollars an hour to work on vehicles. Add in the cost of new auto parts and it’s easy to see why so much is spent on auto repairs each year.
But all is not lost. By adopting a do-it-yourself attitude, these labor costs will quickly come down. And when you head to your local junkyards to buy quality used parts, your auto parts bills will go down just as quickly. Junkyards sell high quality recycled auto parts at heavy discounts averaging 40% and many of them, like our own used auto parts, include a 90 day guarantee on every part we sell.

40% off the price? These kinds of savings add up very quickly/ everyone wins with junkyards Junkyard owners win when you shop there, which means healthier businesses in your local economy. You win because you save money on parts. And the environment wins, a big consideration as we all do our part to save the planet because recycling means less energy and less mining to make new car parts.

Driving only gets more expensive

Most of us can accept this truth about owning a car: It only gets more expensive as we move beyond the pandemic years. Oil supply problems, material costs, it all adds up to one undeniable truth: Car owners face a pretty bleak future and should take every opportunity to save money wherever they can. DIY car repair is one such possibility.

By Terry Jankowski
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