Preparing Your Car for Long Distance Towing

At some point everyone will need to have their vehicle long distance towing . For example moving to a new location in the country or having a bespoke car delivered to your doorstep it is better to call a tow truck to ensure the maximum safety of your vehicle than to try to drive the vehicle yourself. While driving can be a fun activity for you, long journeys are often tiring, risky and involve a lot more than you might have thought. .

Even if you hire a professional towing company, there are still a few things you need to know to ensure your car is in good hands. It will not be damaged during the long distance towing process. In any case, no motorist wants their car to be subject to accident or damage while being towed from one place to another. In addition, roadside assistance offers significant advantages and can save lives in difficult times. Overview of all
things you need to make sure your car is ready for a long, hard tow truck ride.

Turn off car alarm

Alarms are good for protecting your car, but you must turn them off before handing it over to the towing company. It will turn off. This leads to a panic and stressful situation for the tow truck driver. The alarm can also distract other drivers on the road, causing more annoyance and inconvenience.

It is advisable to disable the alarm beforehand. Don’t let the driver waste his precious time and divert the driver’s attention from driving.

Wash the car

It may seem like a pointless task but your car can collect dirt and dust particles when towed long distances and cover up a dent or dent. You should see some or all of the dents. and dents before parking your vehicle. When you receive the car, you should check whether there was any damage during the trailer. Washing your car on both sides makes it easier to spot any discrepancies.

If your car has fluid leaks, fix them

Auto fluids such as gasoline, engine oil or coolant leaks can cause serious problems for the tow truck and other drivers on the road. It is important to repair all leaks in your car. Suppose your engine oil is leaking. It can make the road slippery and dangerous to other vehicles on the road.

Although a fuel leak can be more dangerous to your car, tow truck and other cars on the road, it could cause a fire.

Inflate your tires

Be sure to inflate your tires when sending your car in for a long-distance tow. The air in the tires makes it easier for towing professionals to load and unload the car at tow trucks. In addition, the inflated tires withstand the long and bumpy ride better.

They do not transfer the impact to the internal parts of the vehicle. In general, inflating the tires of your vehicle has many benefits and plays an important role during the long car journey.

Remove accessories

If you have made any adjustments to your car, you should remove them.

Evaluate which custom part of your car is prone to damage on your long drive. And remove any accessories or body panels that could be affected during towing

Clean out the glove box and trunk

Drivers often place valuables in the glove box or useful tools in the trunk of the car. You should remove all items from the trunk and glove box to ensure your car has nothing to take with you.

Your car should be free of personal items during the towing trip.

Lock the car properly

If the doors are not controlled and properly closed, the doors may also cause accidents or damage to other cars. Therefore, it is imperative to properly close and lock all the doors of your car before embarking on any long journey. You can also make sure that thieves cannot steal anything from your car.

By Terry Jankowski
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