Common Mistakes You Could Make When Painting a Car

Although there are experts that can help with automobile color correction, some of us might want to take care of it on our own. It could seem both exciting and simple, whether they’re looking to save money or are a car aficionado. However, once completed, minor faults like uneven layers or splatter on the glass may be seen.

Use the following piece as a guide to guarantee that your next business runs well. To do so, make sure you get the tools you need from the trusted specialists at Apollo Sprayers. When you tell your friends you painted your car, they are never going to believe you.

Inadequate Surface Coverage

Let’s be honest: paint is a messy mess that may quickly go everywhere. Even if we think we’ve got a good grip, one unexpected movement, and the mist hits the windshield or tires. This will result in a messy-looking product with uneven coating as well as a lot of unneeded cleaning. Before commencing any painting project, conceal any sections that are not going to be painted with rags or sheets. This will also assist you in deciding where to aim the spray cannon.

Make sure that the pistol you are handling is also straightforward to operate. Too much pressure within a gun can cause overspray, which means that paint is misted in places other than where it is supposed to go. The Apollo Sprayer MAXI-MISER brand offers a transfer rate of more than 80%, which is higher than any other on the market and reduces paint waste from typical overspray.

Using the Wrong Paint Gun

For painting tasks, two types of spray guns are available: airless sprayers and high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) guns. Although they are both excellent at what they’re able to do, they cannot be used in tandem for car painting.

The major difference between HVLP vs. airless paint sprayer systems is the quantity of area you wish to spray. Because airless sprayers paint a big area at once, they are typically utilized for cabinet work. An HVLP-style paint sprayer is preferred when stenciling emblems or repairing a minor chip in your car’s paint.

Overspray may occur if you employ an airless sprayer rather than an HVLP, which means the paint can mist over nearby areas. You’ll lose time as well as paint, have to reload the gun, and only cover a limited area of the car in turn. Make sure you know what you want to do before choosing any sprayer.

Using Apollo Sprayers Yields the Best Results

You cannot just pick up a paint gun from any hardware store. Choose one that ensures high-quality work with no overspray. Apollo Sprayers is the best option, with more than five decades in the market and guns for both experts and beginners.

Despite the fact that they typically create spray guns for professionals, they decided to expand their services to include novices because hobby car painting has grown in popularity. Since their HVLP guns provide you with perfect control, you’ll always get the exact amount of paint you desire, up to 12 inches.

Apollo Sprayers’ guns are also better for your wellness and for the planet. You aren’t going to worry about inhaling fumes because the air in the machines is dry and clean. You can paint your car without releasing harmful chemicals into the environment.

Taking everything into account, it appears that going for help anywhere else would be a mistake. They have three distinct systems, each capable of completing an operation from priming to clearcoat. After utilizing one of these spray guns, you’ll never go back.

If done properly, painting a vehicle may be a gratifying experience. Avoid the most common errors so that the completed result delights you and allows you to brag to your friends. But before you choose a paint color, check out Apollo Sprayers’ MAXI-MISER spray guns to be sure you’re on the right track.

By Derrick Kennedy
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